Today if you want a digital print, you need is a digital file.

This can be done in several ways. You can take a picture of the image with a digital camera, you can create a file with the help of graphic design software, or you can have your original image scanned by a digital studio.

We can help at all these stages, particularly if you have hard copy pictures that you need be scanned.  Our scanner will handle originals as big as 14 x 18. With sophisticated stitching software we can convert even larger originals to create perfect files ready to print at the size that you want.

Customers who require help with scanning are always welcome to reach out for information and guidance.

Whether you have old prints and photos, artwork, posters or paintings, Cine Affiches can provide all the necessary services to get your images converted to digital files.


In order for Cine Affiches to offer digital printing on Acrylic, Aluminium and numerous other substrates mentioned on this site, they needed to be able to cut these rigid materials to the sizes and shapes that their clients were asking for.

That is why Cine Affiches is equipped with a Konsberg XN Multi Cut, one of the most versatile cutting machines on the market. This digital cutting marvel can be programed to cut almost any shape that you can dream of on flat boards as thick as 2” (50mm).

The major movie studios regularly ask for STANDEE displays for Quebec theatre lobbies. Event planners have special cutting requests, and specialized art and image retailers demand innovative products. These new cutting technologies help to fulfill all of these requests.

Most straight cut lines are included in the regular price list. Please request a special quote when looking for something outside of standard shapes.

Visuals for this page: (Photo samples of various cuts that we have done can show up on this page)


Now that you have decided on the material, the thickness, and the size of your print, the next question to ask is, how will you present it?  Will it be hanging on your wall or simply leaning on a ledge?

Cine Affiches has several options for hanging Acrylic and Aluminium prints. There are framing and stretching options for poster prints and canvases and other finishing options for support and opacity backing.

Depending on your final requirements, Cine Affiches will recommend ways of enhancing your final prints.

Check out our list of finishing services for each corresponding product:


  • Hanging: Flushmounts
  • Hanging: Wood Float Mounts
  • Hanging: StandOff
  • Support: Sintra back
  • Printing: Front and Back
  • Opacity: Black ink

Vinyl Banners

  • Grommets
  • Sewing


  • Maximum size 4 x 6 ft
  • Regular stretch .75 in. Staples on the side with black matt tape or image wrap
  • Gallery stretch 1.75 in. Staples on the back with black matt tape or image wrap

Digital Printing Services

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Our Reseller Program offers volume pricing and services specific to industry needs.

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  • Photo Store /Lab
  • Art Gallery / Consultant
  • Designer
  • Decorator
  • Architect
  • Builder


A Step ahead

Our personal fleet covers deliveries to:


Movie Posters

Hollywood and independent film production studios call on us to print and fabricate large format movie posters, standees, easels, banners, and promotional graphics for distribution.